Never Suspecting

Never Suspecting

Presented By Paul Seils, composed by Stephen Lymbery, initially in 2020. 


As Australia was put into lockdown the true significance of war came to light. 
The people of Australia and the majority of the world are under attack but not from

 bullets, bombs and missiles.
The mechanism delivering the damage?
 The media.
Unlike previous wars where the media spread false reports on physical conflict, 

the modern media spreads a false narrative regarding an invisible enemy producing symptomless damage, 

predominantly to the mind, 

imposing a false reality resulting in a more economically viable war for the controlling Cabal.
Misinformation and disinformation are modern weapons delivering their payload via 

the media,

 the people have become the collateral damage of psychological warfare, 

willingly offering themselves up for sacrifice in the belief they are being protected from an invisible enemy. 
A belief instilled in the people by 

the media 

being utilised as a weapon of mass manipulation and destruction.

Comply with the Lie, you Die.

Stephen Lymbery

Thank you, my good friend Paul Seils, 

continually fighting for the people, thank you for your support and work ethic, 

thank you, for you.

Your good Nature, your Morals and your Heart

Are being used by others whose goals, are deep and dark


They spin a story, tell a tale, make up a yarn and call it News

Tales of terror, the Evil of being outside, from the Media it spews

Propaganda to light you up, to swear you’ll take a stand

Whilst masquerading as your friend, they forbid you from your Land


The Men and Women we call ANZAC’s – We celebrate on this day

Locked inside our houses – A supposed Virus keeps us at bay


Lest We Forget, is the phrase of the day

but surely there is much more to say.

For those who died, so we could be free

We stay inside, from a feigned virus we flee


Talking heads on the television announce, “We are under Attack” !

An unseen enemy could take us down, because our rational thinking is in lack


The ANZAC’s fought and died for us, these people were our kin

They fought for peace and freedom, the story is wearing thin

The media then, as they do now – Wove stories of deceit & illusion.

The media tugged at the heartstrings, talking heads conjuring confusion


Good and honest people, believe the media is like-minded

Support the cause and rally the troops, the people are reminded

They would not lie they speak the truth the hun, the nip, they want you dead

And now as then the message they deliver, ignites a flame within your head

You follow their words, you heed the message void of truth – Lies instead


Our Anzacs died to keep you safe, you hide inside your houses

Locked up with your jailer, the talking heads, within you – Fear, it rouses.

For all the men and women, who for your freedom died

Did they die in vain, because the media lied ?


If this Anzac Day you cower in fear and from honoring them, you refrain

If you think that’s what ANZAC means – Then you are insane

For on ANZAC day we don’t honor war, but the loved ones who grow not old

Who went to war and sacrificed their lives, because of the lies that were told


The Media then, as they do now – Abuse the morals of good people

Because we trust – We believe the lies, but in doing so – we become but SHEEPLE

Lest we forget – You cannot forget, that which you don’t know

To protect your country you’d lay down your life, because of Lies they sow


Like the Man behind the Curtain or the King who wore no clothes

It’s only words entrancing the Innocents to be fools – Don’t be one of those


Go outside this Anzac Day and honor great men and women

The “Government” does not protect you – It serves a Master foreign

For decades ago they sold us out, and are stealing your Home from you

Stand in numbers with unyielding constitution, is all you have to do


The Rules of a foreign Corporation, are not yours to follow

To cower in fear of immoral Oppression – Is a bitter pill to swallow

This Anzac Day we make a stand, it is each other we follow


At the rising of the Sun, in unity we make a stand

To Honor those who fought for us and Died to save our Land 

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