How could anyone say


never achieve anything?

The Law may be an ass

but the Judiciary,

accompanied by the Politicians

are facilitating the theft

of the very Country we occupy

All the evidence

you did not believe

would exist, does exist,

and here it is.

Copy and Paste evidence

of the slow erosion

of the people’s rights,

so slow and deliberate,

you didn’t even notice.

Will you pay attention

and claim your Country back,

before it is under full control of

the obsELITE?

Now you have the evidence,

complying with a foreign

occupying force


treason against the Commonwealth,


A new Day is Dawning

Now you have the evidence

the “purported”

(appearing real, especially falsley)


is a foreign power.


We are the change


We are looking for

Be the change you are looking for


Stop Complying


with the (D)evil

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